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Certified Advanced Rolfer®

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What is Rolfing?
Rolfing is an original and scientifically validated system of “hands on” manipulation of the body’s connective tissue. By lengthening and freeing the body’s connective tissue or fascia, Rolfing releases the body’s segments – legs, torso, shoulders, neck, and so on from tension and bracing. The purpose of Rolfing then is to help recipients achieve greater balance and mobility by creating a more lifted and symmetrical alignment.

In a carefully developed sequence of 10 sessions, tissue is moved towards the symmetry and balance that is called for so clearly by the architecture of the body. Each session is about 1-1/4 hours long, and each session has a distinctive purpose that builds on the previous session.
Before the 
Basic 10 Series
After the 
10 Series

Rolfing Can:
  • Improve posture
  • Promote well being by enhancing your body’s pattern of organization
  • Improve your athletic performance
  • Ease aches and pains due to lack of mobility
  • Enhance your personal growth
  • Increase range of motion
What to expect when you are Rolfed…
Rolfing practitioners are trained to see a body’s structural organization. First, the client is observed in his or her underwear, which is worn throughout the session. Then he or she is photographed, usually front, back and side views, to document the alignment before Rolfing begins.


Nanette Savage, Certified Advanced Rolfer®
Nanette Savage, Certified Advanced Rolfer®, has been deeply involved in bodywork and meditation since earning her B.A. in 1984 from the University of Missouri. Already experienced in Martial Arts as both a student and a teacher, Nanette brought an understanding of movement and the body-mind connection to her studies as a Rolfer. Following a severe back injury, Nanette gained firsthand experience in the healing process and a deep compassion for those in pain. 

Soon after earning her certification in massage therapy, she broadened her understanding of the human body through studies in structural integration (Rolfing), which included courses in anatomy, psychology, physiology and kinesiology. Nanette’s sensitive, intuitive qualities and her extensive practical knowledge combine to make her an excellent Rolfer. As an important augmentation to her skills as a bodyworker, Nanette continues her education regularly with classes and workshops with health practitioners such as Byron Gentry, D.C. and continuing education classes at the Rolf Institute and the Guild for Structural Integration.


What Locals Are Saying About Rolfing With Nanette?
"I am a semi-retired MD. I had the Rolfing basic series and the results were remarkable. This was particularly true regarding my posture after the very first session. I had begun to bend over at the neck. After the session I was perfectly straight as verified by my Polaroid photos. I  have noted greater flexibility and energy. I continue routine tune-ups every one or two months. The stretching of the investing fascia (covering) of muscles elongates the muscles and returns them to their normal physiological position. This, of course is a correction for the entire musculoskeletal system. I would highly recommend Rolfing to anyone wishing to take more responsibility for their own health and well-being."

Randal Langston MD

My range of motion, height, and comfort within my own body has been fully restored thanks to Nanette and her rolfing program. It is amazing what each session's results produced! Clarity in my mind and eyesight. My strength, endurance, and flexibility has significantly improved; as well as my height was increased by an inch. And even my mood is so much better! Rolfing was more than just getting my external body back in order, it also brought my mind and soul in sync as well. Thank you, Nanette!" 

Sophie Beedie

Rolfing has helped my neck and hip and improved my posture."

Mrs. Glee Langston

Location Map
Nanette's office is centrally located in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

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