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This website is for general information purposes only. While we do not endorse or accept any responsibility for the use of any information, service provider, or products identified on this website, we do have certain requirements that must be met by Advertisers before any advertiser will be allowed to advertise and link to this website.

Submission of advertising and acceptance of any advertisement by HolisticDirectoryUSA is subject to these Advertising Requirements and Terms. If you do not agree with the Advertising Requirements and Terms, do NOT submit a request for advertising to this site.

HolisticDirectoryUSA reserves the right to update the Advertising Requirements and Terms at any time and your continued advertising with this website means that you accept any changes.

Nanette Savage has created HolisticDirectoryUSA as a place for holistic practitioners, product providers, instructors, and related service providers to come together in one convenient place for visitors. Advertising criteria is based upon compatibility with the mission of HolisticDirectoryUSA. While we do not discriminate in the acceptance of advertisers, we do have certain standards and criteria that any potential advertiser must meet before a person or product may be featured on this website. 

The offered services or product must be: environmentally friendly or holistic in nature. 

Potential advertisers are not required to submit or offer a sample of the service or product but may be required to explain the compatibility of the proposed advertisement with the mission of this website. 

HolisticDirectoryUSA does offer exclusivity advertising contracts and may not be able to accept advertisements based upon an ongoing exclusivity contract. 

HolisticDirectoryUSA reserves the right to cancel or decline to offer advertising placement for incompatibility with the mission of the HolisticDirectoryUSA website.  (850) 621-6101 |

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